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pant in viva_pinata

x_X; is anyone online and able to send me a dragumfly, please?
i would really, really appreciate this and can probably trade you for another pinata.
i have almost all of them, but this dragumfly is just too stubborn.
my gamertag is "loved letters" and thanks in advance!


I think I have one I'll have to check.

Edited at 2008-11-30 06:10 am (UTC)
Awesome! Thank you. =]
did you get one yet?
if not i can send you one.
nope! not yet =\
but i would be eternally grateful if you could please send one my way? :D
without a doubt. :)
my name is Dead Gurlie
I'll try to get on before I go to bed and add you. :) And get one sent to you soon!
thanks so much!
you're awesome! :D
okay I forgot to ask. lol
Do you mean on the first viva or TIP? hah
I have one on both and i'm assuming TIP.
classic :/
still don't have the money for TIP lol D:
ahhhhhhhhhhhh lol
i'll have to add you to my husbands name [the ferrs] and pull out his hard drive. heh
I sent you one but it was through TIP so you probably didn't get it huh?
I'll send you one on the classic tommorow.
eep, sorry for being an extra hassle =\
if you don't wanna do all that, you don't need to. ^_^
no its np. i'm gonna try to do it tonight. add the ferrs soon as you can and that way i can just get on and accept it and send one your way!:D its np at all.
eep =\ i tried adding the ferrs but it says that there is no such gamertag on xbox live? D:
okay so I finally sent one. heh did you get him?



im havin trouble to theyre too stubbern if u hav one ill trade u 4 it

Re: dragumfly

If you still need one, I can send it. :)
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